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Today in The Skanner News Group

Read the fantastic article voicing support for our cause. Written by Lisa Loving at the The Skanner News Group it is a in depth look at the mugshot racket. Our support reaches coast to coast now. continue to article. . .

Welcome all new members:  Whether you are in Oregon, Florida or in between you are welcome here. We need all the support we can get. We need you to send letters and emails. Make phone calls. Donate for legal support is most needed at this time. Everything you do makes a difference. Ask us questions we are here to support you. Use the forum to post frustrations, victories and even failures they all make a difference. Ready to start making a difference in your state? Send us an email and we will tell you how.

Please take time when you have it to read through the website and the forum. There is a great deal of information and articles that will keep you update to on our progress. And every now and then a shocker news story like the mugshot website owner this past week who threatened to send letters to neighbors of people posted if they didn't pay up.

On the forum support is here. WooHoo!! Members please use the forum to ask questions and help each other out. I have removed the moderation on it so members can have real time conversations. Also, I would like to introduce Tim, he is our new Editor on the forum. Under the name of Bordeos2000. Please share your thoughts and ideas with us. We are taking the high road so to speak and it does take some time. But, in the end, no one will be going through what we are after we get the law changed. I know it sounds daunting and like it's going to take to long.

At this time our focus is on sending our state legislators the letter posted on the Email State Rep page or you can draft a similar one yourself but, we ask that you be sure to include a link back to the site, use your spell checker and correct grammar. Please keep us updated on who you have contacted so we can keep track. This is so important!

Also, please post to any relative article or forum you can find online with a link back to the website. This will help lead others with the same issue to us. It is free advertising and we can accomplish so much more with added members. Our ranks are growing and with a HUGE relief, a couple donations were made this week. Thank you to the people who made them. Thank you!

Volunteer Positions Needed To Be Filled:

Newsletter: We need someone to start newsletter updates the avenue to do so will be provided. If you are a great writer and have a sense of style to make it interesting we need your talent. You would be required to design the newsletter and update at least once a week the most important things going on. Additional updates may be necessary depending on news. Please use the contact form and let us know you are interested in the position.

Fund Raising: We need a fund raising team. Obviously, I am not very good at that position. If you have ever held that type of position before please use the contact form or post your ideas on the forum. We have to have money to work with to move forward.

I have started some search and content links with msn that was very affordable to build membership. We will see what the results are and go from there. Make a donation when you can, every dollar makes a difference. And I am serious when I say if all you can donate is a dollar then do just a dollar. It will make a difference.

Disclaimer: Re: click read complete details

Mugshot Website Threatens To Send Letters To Neighbors: if they didn’t pay up they would risk having their neighborhood flooded with fliers. Read story.

Please Sign Your State Petition! You may remain unknown. Only when the petition is printed and presented to the State Legislators will your name show. You have to uncheck the Show my name in the online signature list. Sign it now!



This site was created to raise awareness to the issue of websites posting local law enforcement and court documents including mug shots and personal information on their website and then charging anywhere from $399.99 and up to remove one post. Even after payment is made they do not guarantee that it will be removed from all sites.

How they get the information: There are many databases of sheriff records and court documents that make the pictures and records public. Private companies have developed scraping software that goes into these public databases and pulls out the information. Once the private company pulls the date and picture it puts it on its site in a search engine optimized manner to rank high for your name.

Our goals are to raise funds to hire Legal Counsel to take legal action against the mug shot websites and the removal services that they are associated with that have posted pictures and information from documents that they obtained from local courts and law enforcement agencies websites. Funds will be used to retain a lobbyist to approach Congress to change internet laws regarding posting of public information by mug shot websites that is maintained by local courts and law enforcement agencies on the internet with the intent to solicit funds for removal.

Yes, we are aware that these documents are public information now. But, the big difference is that local government and local law enforcement do not put the information into the search engines and many of these agencies retire information after a certain amount of time.

The sole purpose of sites like is to charge for removal of mug shots and personal information that includes the actual mug shot, name, address and in many cases pictures of the persons home. These sites are designed to be a form of extortion. That is how they make a living.

Extortion: (also called blackmail, shakedown, outwrestling, and exaction) is a criminal offence which occurs when a person unlawfully obtains either money, property or services from a person's), entity, or institution, through coercion. Refraining from doing harm is sometimes euphemistically called protection. Extortion is commonly practiced by organized crime groups. The actual obtainment of money or property is not required to commit the offense. Making a threat of violence which refers to a requirement of a payment of money or property to halt future violence is sufficient to commit the offense.

Exaction refers not only to extortion or the unlawful demanding and obtaining of something through force, but additionally, in its formal definition, means the infliction of something such as pain and suffering or making somebody endure something unpleasant. Neither extortion nor blackmail require a threat of a criminal act, such as violence, merely a threat used to elicit actions, money, or property from the object of the extortion. Such threats include the filing of reports (true or not) of criminal behavior to the police, revelation of damaging facts (such as pictures of the object of the extortion in a compromising position), etc.

Because the internet is basically in its infancy still, there are no laws protecting us against the actions of these website owners. Help us today get the internet laws changed and bring any suits possible against websites that profit from charging for the removal of data that they obtained from any local government and law enforcement agencies.



Make a Difference! Join us today and make a donation.






























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What's Happening Now. . .

  • June 4th - Contacted Congress woman Sandy Adams office. One of her staff is assisting with research on how to get sites like stopped.
  • Contacted Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi's office. Could not get through on phone after repeated attempts. Filed complaint online with their office. Click to see reply received.
  • June 6th- Began corresponding with attorneys who have internet law experience.
  • June 10th - Created website to raise awareness and funds for Legal Counsel and to hire lobbyist.
  • Visit the forum to share information. Class Action Against Mug Shot Websites Forum
  • Expanding efforts to change laws to include each state that has broad laws that allow for these mug shot websites to operate.
  • Many posts to the Forum!
  • ***The U.S. District Court in Rhode Island addressed the issue of “commercial purpose” exemptions in 1999, declaring a similar law partly unconstitutional. Rhode Island’s public records law states that “no person or business entity shall use information obtained from public records” to “solicit for commercial purposes. Read more. . .
  • Advertisers Boycott List updated
  • Sunday, June 17th sent companies letters regarding boycotting their products and services until their advertisements were removed from mugshot websites.
  • Important Boycott Update
  • **Tuesday, June 19th advertising removed from
  • **Wednesday, June 20th advertising removed from
  • June 25th Petitions being added for each each state. Sign your state petition now!
  • Rep. Roger Bruce in Georgia vows to change legislation.
  • RE: Mugshot Websites Hiding Behind Freedom of Information Act-






































































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