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 In the grey-market world of online mugshots, ‘untagging’ will cost you (

John Kitzhaber to sign Oregon law regulating mug shot web sites (

Legislation targets mug shot-removal websites (

Lawmaker throws support against mugshot websites (

County: Prisoner mug shots, arrest details no longer available on website (

Websites holding reputations hostage (


Mug shot websites raise issues; Some charge fees to ‘unpublish’ records; anger, lawsuits result (

Mugshot-Removal Sites Accused of Extortion (

“This law does not pertain to the printed mugshot publications, but Bruce says he’s going after them next.” New law bans charges to remove online mugshots (

Action on mug shots picture of cooperation (

“That’s open government at their finest,” said Director of Safety Services for the City of Waterloo Dan Trelka.” Cedar Valley Mugshots Facebook Page: Protected under first amendment or cyberbullying? (

“As if that were not enough, there is a growing flock of buzzards to feed on your distress.” Erasing History (

FROM TEARS TO NEW POLICY: Boca Raton Battery Arrests (

“I went to my attorney to see if it is legal,” Chavez said. ”He told he me yes it is.”                 Local paper publishes jail lineups (

“The really big bucks are in charging people in the mug shots (including some eventually cleared of any charges) to take them off the websites. Genius! Why didn’t you think of that? Maybe because your parents instilled in you a sense of decency.” Herman: The humble mug shot and why we can’t look away  (

Mugshots: Press, Punishment & Privacy Concerns (

Salt Lake County Council supports sheriff not releasing mug shots. founder loses open records appeal to put jail photos online. (The Salt Lake Tribune)

Oregon House passes bill setting rules for mug shot websites (

“Website owners didn’t respond or could be reached for comment” Lawsuit alleges online extortion, a growing menace (

Guilty Even Though Proven Innocent (

It’s now the law: No mug shots for those who charge to take them down (The Salt Lake Tribune)

For mugshots, privacy v. public interest Reporters are fighting recent restrictions on releasing federal mugshots (

New bill aims to keep Oregon mugshots off the internet and away from our sleazy, prying eyes (

Newspaper query prompts state to look into mug shot websites (

Man sues Bucks officials after he finds 1998 mugshot from expunged arrest online (

New industry: Charging to remove cop mug shots from websites ”Arthur D’Antonio III is quick to admit he’s “not the most proud” of what he does to make a buck.” (

Mugshots under fire online. Lawmaker says some websites are victimizing people (

Utah lawmakers approve bill cracking down on use of booking photos on mug-shot websites (

“…Let’s have dialog on this. We need to be able to define where we separate freedom of speech from harming people.” In Proposed Bill, Questions About the Business of Mug Shots (

Lawsuit goes after ‘extortion’ mugshot websites (

“If news organizations want to separate themselves from the mug shot racket they need to be conscientious about how they handle public data,” Waite said. How Newsrooms Should Best Handle Public Data (

Who owns your mugshot? (

“I think its extortion. They’re like scavengers and making a living off over other people’s misery.” Eugene Municipal Court Judge Ends Mugshot Scam   

The Internet Has Been Too Good to Sociopaths (San Francisco Weekly)

‘Baker County Exposed’ Facebook Page Launched (Baker City Herald)

Lawsuit filed against East Palestine publisher (Youngstown Vindicator)

Opinion: Why Google Should Crack Down Harder On The Mugshot Extortion Racket (

Record Expunged, Elderly Woman Fights To Remove Mugshot From Websites              (CBS Miami)

:( Mary Cheh is featured on (The Washington Post)

Critics take aim at mugshot tabloids (

Warning: Companies making money off your mugshot

One woman paid 4 different companies to remove mugshot

“…about as morally dubious a line of business as the Internet’s yet produced.” A court case against those skeezy mugshot websites raises First Amendment issues (Nieman Jornalism Lab) and Partners in crime info (

Man running mug shot website operating illegally, secretary of states office says                (The Charleston Gazette)

Utah Sheriff strikes back at mug-shot websites (Daily Herald)

No more online mug shots, SL County sheriff says (                                                      –Summary: Using words such as “bullies,” “extortionists” and “trash,” Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder on Thursday blasted tabloid magazines and websites that post mug shots from his jail and then demand money for the pictures to be removed.

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  1. Samia says:

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  2. Ekati says:

    I would like to point out one more mugshot racket site : SORArchives. They post mostly invalid data on Sex Offenders. It is a horrible crime and more over it would be horrible if someone accuse you to be a rapist of a child molester. My friend’s ex tried to accuse him in rape. She was convincing enough to make him been charged of the crime. But the charges against him were dropped. Still the SORArchives found the records and posted him as a sex offender without any details of was he really convicted or just charged and was the charge dropped. I contacted them because I’ve seen the court records and I knew all the details of my friend’s case. And they asked me to pay $79 to investigate and remove if I am right or remove right now for $499. They say they would stop processing my case if I impose any legal threats. They don’t feel they are responsible for the information they are posting on their website. They feel like it is other people responsibility. They believe that if a person was once registered as a sex offender but don’t required to register any more they still can post him/her as a sex offender. What if he finally was found not guilty after a long struggle to prove his good name? They don’t care. They want money. They don’t provide any useful information other than one can find on any official government websites. There are government websites that posts registered sex offenders. Anyone if he worried about his safety can go there. SORAchives spreads paranoia, misinforms people and extorts money.

  3. Very good blog. I am a victim of SORarchive and the operator Chuck Rodrick and Brent Oesterblad. The idiot Chuck filed a law suit against my family and other defendants on some BS, but yet they do what they do on their sites. To make this post short; I invite you to read all about the facts of SORarchives on my new blog: and then go visit my co-defendants site.

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