Class Action Against Mugshot

Apologies to everyone who has been looking for this page. Website was temporaily out our control. Somehow through godaddy hosting the site was re-routed and was bouncing to about 4 different areas around the country. We have moved the hosting with much more secure server.  We will get all the content added back here as soon as possible.

We, Class Action Against Mugshot, as an organization are working to change state laws that allow mugshot and the removal service websites to operate. It is our goal to get states to change their Commercial Purpose laws to read that “no person or business entity shall use information obtained from public records” to “solicit for commercial purposes and financial gain. Most states at this time have such broad laws allowing for mugshot and removal service websites to operate.

Mugshot websites refuse to remove pictures and information unless the person who is affected pays a high fee for removal, usually starting at 399.99 to remove from one site. And if you email the site and request the remove it out of the goodness of their heart you usually will get an awful surprise. Yes, they will remove the post showing. Then replace it with a post that is much worst. I have received countless emails regarding this happening. Although the sites are legal, it is by a very slim margin. This is extortion. Many sites abuse the person posted by name calling, racial profiling and worse.

Many people who have their mugshots posted with very personal information have never been charged with a crime. The actions of these websites have damaged the reputations, relationships and employment of many people who have found their information posted.

We have a great deal of information available online to view. If you have questions, are a victim of online posting please feel free to join us by using the contact form.

Visit us at:


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  1. Bordeos2000 says:

    It is incredible how quickly the site came back up, GREAT WORK!

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