Sunshine State Set to Become Less Shady ?

After 5 subsequent legislative sessions of introducing bills to address an ongoing mugshot extortion website problem, Florida’s government finally said “enough is enough” and SB 118 was signed by the Governor on June 16th. Here is a quick reminder on how this new law will regulate the online mugshot industry:

-Any person or entity engaged in commercial mugshot publishing may not solicit or accept a fee or other form of payment to remove the photographs.

-A person whose arrest booking photograph is published or otherwise disseminated, or his or her legal representative, may make a request, in writing, for the removal of an arrest booking photograph.

-10 after days after written request has been made, refusal to remove an arrest booking photograph constitutes an unfair or deceptive trade practice in accordance with part II of chapter 501, Florida Statutes.

Please remember SB 118 will not go effective until July 1st, 2018. In the meantime, if your photograph is on a Florida removal scam site (like for example) it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to file a complaint with the State’s Attorney General and mention SB 118 because her office serves as an enforcing authority for Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act. Also, if you get a chance, check out

Believe it or not, Sunshine State reporters have been unable to find anything nice to say about this newly enrolled piece of legislation intended to give “those who have repaid their debt to society, as well as for those who have been arrested but never convicted of a crime” a better shot at securing employment. According to an open government “score card” cooked-up by the press, lawmakers who voted favorably on SB 118 received a point reduction. So —for what it is worth— would like to thank every member of the House and Senate for their unanimous show of hands and award all of them an “A+” for taking necessary action.

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