Rapsheetz.com –Online Mugshot Industry Rings in 2020 with Brand New Scam Site!

For Immediate Release:

From the same folks who brought y’all bailbondcity.com (as featured in the New York Times!) along with, the overwhelmingly popular site rapsheets.com. Brothers Kyle and Travis Grant are once again taking the commericial mugshot industry by storm with their latest website, rapsheetz.com

Kyle David Grant & Travis Paul Grant’s professional mugshot expertise is unmatched in the State of Florida. They once even employed the help of David Scott Gingras who has built his reputation as an attorney by representing similar controversial websites.

Here are just a few public records, that every victim of the mugshot extortion industry has a RIGHT TO KNOW:

Kyle David Grant posing for a mugshot photo op after his ex-wife tried to kick his sorry ass out of the car during a ride home from jail.

Travis Paul Grant, stays classy and shows his support/respect for LE by spitting all over the back of a police cruiser after his unsuccessful beer run. He also may have the best quote in the history of the online mugshot extortion racket (according to public record).

“I’ll have a lawyer and get out of this” -Travis Grant

Congrats, to David Scott Gingras Esq. for obviously having much better luck than Mr. Travis Grant’s previous lawyers.

Thanks for reading classactionagainstmugshotwebsites.com’s 2020 update. Please stayed tuned for more news!


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