Evolution From Mugshot Removal To Unpublish

Prior to mugshots.com rolling out the “unpublish” scheme of making money off people featured on their website, one would have to contact an “authorized mugshot removal vendor” to get rid of his/her mugshot. The reason the website’s business format all of the sudden changed could have been because they think the word “unpublish” sounds like a more journalistic way to hide their unethical business practices behind the First Amendment. Or, perhaps, it was simply because someone found out who all these “vendors” were. Here is a list I found of the former vendor sites that used to do business with mugshots.com:removalvendors

Before taking a closer look at only one of these former “vendor” websites found in the list above, I would like to briefly go over a couple of things:

 First off, here’s how Merriam Webster fully defines racketeer (n): one who obtains money by an illegal enterprise usually involving intimidation

 Secondly, The First Amendment doesn’t do you any good if you partake in the following activities: “fraud, libel, extortion, divulging military secrets, and incitement to imminent lawless action” 

Lesli Epstein Angel was connected to the no-longer operating removal service, mugshotbusters.com. This woman also happens to be the ex-wife of mugshots.com’s head honcho Florida attorney, Marc Gary Epstein. Mugshots.com likes to point out that they don’t “solicit” customers for removal services.  However, could it be possible that Mr. Epstein, his ex-wife, along with the other former vendors may have anticipated that people would be willing to pay them large amounts of money to have compromising photos removed from mugshots.com as well as the first page of google? It’s in the public’s best interest to remain informed about the evident connections between mugshot publishing and mugshot removal services whilst legislation concerning public records is being debated nationwide.

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