Busted Paper: Ryan James Trombley

A disclaimer in Busted says, “We never have and never will accept payment to keep your picture out of the paper,”  credit: “Busted Paper” and other mugshot magazines: Why they are—and will likely remain—legal –tcdailyplanet.net

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Name: Ryan Chief



I’m working on a project about “mugshot newspapers” and I hope you can help me with something I’ve been wondering about:
Why does Ryan James Trombley go by “Ryan Chief” when he talks to reporters?
Any info would be appreciated!

supporter of www.classactionagainstmugshotwebsites.com


Have you seen anything on any website that we are involved in trying to ask
for money from anyone?  Our website is www.bustedpaper.com  Any other
BUSTED website like many others out there are owned by other people….NOT

Your sarcasm is weak at best, go bark up someone else’s tree..


So you dont have anything to do with mugshot junkie?
Does Mr. Trombley mind if I publish his mugshots?



Publish away, he unlike most doesn’t mind having consequences for his
actions.  mugshotjunkie.com has never and will never ask for money to have
a mugshot removed.  No one is removed.  AGAIN, go bark up someone else’s


I promise I wont remove mugshots for money either.

AGAIN, If he takes responsibility for his actions why doesn’t he use his real name when talking to reporters?



Very interesting that this “Tim” guy is choosing to place certain folks mugshots on his website for personal satisfaction. Lets be sure to keep this email as I think it’s enough evidence for a case of slander. Unlike using a non discriminate system of publishing public information as we do, his decisions seem to cross the legal line by intentionally publishing to do harm. I’ll pass this email trail on to our legal representation.


Oh please…
Legal Threats?
Im just wondering why you dont use your real name in articles. Stop avoiding the question. This is all I want to know.

I asked justin if he thought you would mind me publishing your mugshot and he said you did not. It is, after all, public information.
If you say you dont want me to publish it then I won’t. Ok? Believe me I understand that they can be embarrassing.

I assure you there is no personal satisfaction in publishing mugshots of hypocrites who for some reason never publish their own. If you think that I don’t have a right to petition against your business practice of making fun of “innocent until proven guilty” people– you are wrong.


Last time I check we live in a free country and I don’t owe you an explanation for anything.

yours truly,

Mickey Mouse


Let me know if you change your mind.