Florida News Site Will “Donate” Money Earned Off Mugshot Removal

I’m pretty sure the folks over at bocanewsnow.com just played an elaborate April fool’s day prank on the reputation management industry. On April 1st, the Florida news website, bocanewsnow.com, renowned for reporting local mugshots and adding their hard-hitting two cents to these photos announced they were considering accepting money from “those charged with DUI, weapons charges, battery, and other crimes” to remove their mugshots. They also stated that an undisclosed portion of the undisclosed revenue would be donated to a local charity.

This hoax was obviously intended to bait reputation management industry pros into pitching business proposals to reporters. No legitimate journalistic endeavor would ever seriously charge money not to publish something -or for that matter- remove something already published. This little joke was way funnier than any zinger this newspaper has ever added to any mug shot photo.

It’s nice to see journalists in Boca have a sense of humor!

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