Another example of Florida’s Failure to Pass a Mugshot Site Law

Due to the insistence of media lobbying organizations, the Florida Legislature has disappointingly left mugshot site bills sitting on the table year after year. Meanwhile, people all over the USA continue to be hit up for money by profiteers hustling online mugshots within this state., described in a recent press release as a “top 5 aggressive mugshot website”, is a perfect example of this problematic situation made possible by the Sunshine State.

I attempted several times to contact the owners of this up-and-coming mugshot scam in order to ask them why google’s search results lists their site falsely stating that individuals arrested years ago are “currently incarcerated” —but had no luck. While I was searching for contact info for, I found the site was previously registered by Florida residents organized as Kyle Grant 1 LLC in November 2015. During that time directly charged $74.99 for mugshot removal according to archived records of this website. The going rate for mugshot removal is currently at $399.

A recently updated business address found on points to the same individuals according to public record. I noticed this website links to another site solely sharing the same IP address also registered under Kyle Grant 1 LLC called Its worth noting that this LLC has registered several “bail bondsman” domains but no records could be found indicating that anyone within the organization is licensed to preform that service in the state of Florida.

Another website called popped up just last month obviously looking to capitalize on business opportunities created by this hot new scam. The removal site claims:

“No. We are NOT We are not owned by a mugshot website. We are an Independent Removal Company and we charge for Removals.  We just happen to have extremely intelligent people in our SEO marketing department that figured out that by looking like and having a name similar to we would get the most traffic. They were right!

BUYER BEWARE: Similar claims by similar websites have been proven to not be exactly true. The removal site goes on to make a plain warning for customers (as many other sites do):

“If we discover that you have filed a charge back after services rendered then we can guarantee you that your mugshot will not only get re indexed in Google but will remain their permanently.”

-Gosh, they really sound serious about making sure no one tries to screw them out of their money.

Please continue to contact state lawmakers in Florida and ask them to put an end to the unethical dealings within the online commercial mugshot industry.

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