A Reminder To Contact State Lawmakers: Alaska SB 108

Posted on May 19, 2014 by Bordeos2000

While this new law doesn’t have anything to do with mugshot racket websites, it’s still a great example of how people who were arrested at one point in their lives and “never saw the inside a of court room” were getting screwed so they CONTACTED STATE LAWMAKERS and made a difference. This newly passed legislation described by its proponents as a “sensible, fair solution” for ending “Alaska courts’ experiment in public shaming” is also another example of information policy trying to catch up with new technologies.

SB 108 will soon officially make “court records of a criminal case confidential after 120 days have passed from the date of the accused person being acquitted or dismissed of all charges.” The Alaskan press showed up to oppose this bill reciting the usual words of First Amendment majesticness— similar to statements that those who commercially misuse mug shots have been so lucratively mimicking.

I highly doubt the founding fathers are turning over in their graves worrying about increased privacy rights and the ability of Alaskan citizens who were never convicted of the crimes they were charged with to successfully find jobs.

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