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Class Action Against Mug Shot Websites



June 21, 2012

Universal Studios Headquarters
100 Universal City Plaza Universal City, CA 91608


Ron Meyer,

We, Class Action Against Mugshot Websites, as an organization are informing you of our intent to boycott Universal Theme Parks until all advertising is removed from any mugshot and/or removal service associated with mugshot websites. We have this posted on our site now and we will announce our intentions to boycott advertisers on mugshot websites to the news media this coming week. Interviews have already been arranged.

The websites that your companies advertisements run on take public information from law enforcement and court sites that are not in the search engines.  They then post it on their websites with html code insuring that it is pushed to the highest visible point when searched.

These sites refuse to remove the information unless the person who is affected pays a high fee for removal, usually starting at 399.99 to remove from one site. Although the sites are legal, it is by a very slim margin. This is extortion. Our organization is working to change the laws that allow these sites to obtain the information and use it for financial gain.

Particularly, I want to point out one site that their posts are so offensive that we will be bringing suits against them and their advertisers individually for damages. (All Advertising has been removed on the site below as of Tuesday June 19, 2012)

Please view:

Universal Studios is advertising on several sites.  Sample is posted on the mugshot website:

Many people who have their mugshots posted with very personal information have never been charged with a crime. The actions of these websites have damaged the reputations, relationships and employment of many people who have found their information posted.

We hope that as other major corporations have done already this week you will have all advertising pulled from these websites.

Thank you,




Class Action Against Mugshot Websites




















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